Kona Bay Marine Resources is a leading supplier of specific-pathogen-free, genetically-improved shrimp broodstock. Kona Bay stocks yield high performance in the hatchery and farm. They are genetically selected for fast growth, strong resistance to multiple pathogens, high nauplii production, and efficient feed utilization.

The essence of Kona Bay is its skilled and dedicated team, its advanced technology, its state-of-the-art facilities, and its highly remote and pristine environment.

Kona Bay team
Dr. Richard Towner Kona Bay team Bill Dunwell

Kona Bay Marine Resources Team


The team consists of highly experienced managers and Ph.D. specialists in genetics, pathology, biotechnology, and nutrition.

Kona Bay technology includes the most advanced systems for family-based breeding, disease diagnostics, disease resistance testing, nutrition testing, and genetic-marker.

The facilities are highly biosecure, utilize pristine pathogen-free seawater from deep wells, and consist of the complete production chain including breeding, hatchery, farm, feeds testing, and processing.

Finally Kona Bay benefits from its outstanding location in Hawaii: on the dry west side of Kauai, where the mild and sunny climate is ideal for broodstock production.

Nucleus Breeding Center

Growout Farm

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